Who Is It For?

Joyality is for anyone who’s feeling down, stressed, angry or just plain ‘blah’ about the state of the world (and let’s face it, that’s many of us!); would like to do something about it; but you don’t quite know what!
Young Adults: We have created the Joyality Program to be particularly useful, applicable and accessible to young adults, ranging from high school age to post-graduate. We have tried to frame the tools, and the underlying concepts, in a way that will speak to young people facing coming of age, choosing an academic and/or career path, finding their passions and gifts, and building a life in this world. We feel these are intimidating tasks in and of themselves, and are only made more so by the context in which they must take place. We also know that youth are the future, and youth today have an opportunity, and therefore a responsibility, unlike any other in human history. It is our hope to empower and equip them to face this time on the planet with compassion, openness, fierce determination, love, creativity, excitement and joy.
If you are a young adult, we hope that you will use this toolkit for many purposes and with many people. Use it for your own personal healing and connection. Use it to connect with your community and with the larger structural systems of which you are a part. Use it with one friend, two friends, or as many friends, acquaintances, and strangers as you like. We strongly believe that the benefits of these tools are greatly increased through sharing.
Although the Joyality Program is designed specifically for young people, we encourage, welcome and celebrate anyone who wishes to use these tools and process to connect with nature, empower themselves and take action. We believe the Joyality processes, and the concepts that underly them, are universal and we hope you will use them, share them, and make them your own whoever and wherever you are.
Psychologists/Ecopsychologists/Therapists: If you are a practicing psychologist or counsellor, whether you currently incorporate ecopsychology or nature into your practice or not, you may have clients for whom the Joyality processes are useful.  These clients may be young adults struggling with depression, a lack of direction in life, or who are consciously distressed about the state of the world, or people of any age suffering from these things. We hope that, if you feel it is appropriate and safe for your client, you will share either the whole Joyality toolkit or specific exercises with them to aid them in their process of healing and expanding. The Joyality processes can be integrated into therapy sessions or as ‘homework’ between sessions, and we hope you will find the tools useful and worth sharing with other therapists. We also hope you will personally use and share this toolkit and its exercises among your friends, family and peers.
Activists/Change Agents: If you consider yourself an activist or change maker – young, old or in between – we invite you to use and share the Joyality toolkit to strengthen your passion and skills. We hope the exercises will assist you and your community in your fight to make the world a better place, and particularly that Joyality will help you care for, nurture, and respect yourselves and your spirits throughout all the activism you do.
Teachers/Lecturers/Professors: If you are teaching environmental or political studies at high school or university, you might have noticed that students can get overwhelmed, distressed, depressed or ‘tune out’ as  result of all the negative information they are receiving about the world.  Exercises from the Joyality toolkit, or the program as a whole, can be integrated into the coursework. Alternatively, you can encourage individual students or student groups to engage in the Joyality program. In this way, the valuable information they are learning through your course can be psychologically integrated and transformed into personal action.
Sustainability Consultants/Facilitators: If you are working with communities of people struggling to solve problems in their world, you might find specific exercises in the Joyality toolkit useful.  The Joyality program as a whole can be used as a component of a particular project, alongside the other activities, helping to build a sense of community and self-efficacy in participants.  Whether the project you are facilitating is part of organisational change towards sustainability, or a grass-roots movement focussing on a particular issue, the Joyality tools should be equally relevant.

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