“Taking the First Step” (Joyality 101)

In this section of the Joyality Program you will practise getting grounded and finding a sense of stillness within nature. You will also learn how to stay inspired and keep yourself from getting discouraged by “negative” information. You will transform a problem into an opportunity, and use that framework to develop a plan for action.

We want to start the Joyality Program by helping you get grounded. Being able to find stillness and peace in the madness of our everyday lives, and taking the time to breathe and connect with nature, are crucial in helping us maintain energy and motivation and avoid feeling burned out and overwhelmed. The best thing about these tools is that you can use them no matter where you are. Our hope is that by the end of this program, you will be able to find a stillness within yourself and feel connected to nature anywhere in the world and in any situation.

**Try this: Walking Meditation (Connect!) 20mins

Even with the help of meditations and grounding exercises, it is easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by the disastrousness of the world. Although it is important to recognize and pay attention to that reality, is it equally important to remember that the world is also a beautiful, wonderful place in which many strong and inspiring people are doing many meaningful and exciting things.

Try this: Balance (Stay Awake!) 20mins

The first thing to know, to always remember, is that there is nothing wrong with you. You are not crazy for feeling scared, angry, sad, or hopeless. In fact, those are emotionally and psychologically healthy reactions to the reality of the world. People who do not feel that way are not really paying attention, not allowing themselves to truly grasp and understand what is happening to our world. This is not their fault; our culture tells us that we should not feel “negative” emotions, or that if we do we should hide them. They are taken as a sign that something is wrong with us. Growing up in this culture means that most of us never really learn how to feel our feelings, let alone understand and process them in a healthy and productive way.

This is a tragedy because your emotions are a most powerful resource. They come from a place in you that is ancient, that knows without having to read or learn or think. They let you know who you are and at the same time connect you to everything else in the universe. They are an infinitely renewable resource because, if you open yourself up to them, they will continually strengthen and sustain you, forever teaching you what you need to know at this time and pushing you towards where you are meant to be.

Throughout this toolkit you will learn how to use your emotions to your advantage, to truly feel them, and then to transform them into power to create positive change.

Try this: Inspiration Station (Stay Awake!) 20mins

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

            – Albert Einstein

It can be easy to think of all the problems and crises happening in the world only as challenges. There is a great deal of truth to that, the issues we face are extremely challenging. However, the flip side to any challenge is the opportunity it presents to change, to grow, to make things better. Throughout this program, we encourage you to think of the issues we face as amazing opportunities. To be alive at this point in time means that we have the power, the opportunity, the chance to change the course of history, and to ultimately decide what the fate of human civilization, and perhaps all life on Earth, will be. Daunting, sure, but how incredible?! 

**Try this: What is your Issue/Passion?  (Act!) 20mins

Now you’ve chosen an issue or problem that you are passionate about and identified some action you could take right now to change your behavior in regard to that issue, it is important to understand the barriers and benefits you face in taking those actions. This will help you understand what the challenges and pay offs of any action will be.

 Try this: Your Passion Action – Identify Barriers and Benefits (Act!) (40mins)

As we journey through the Joyality Program, you will be able to refine your “passion action” so that it will not only make a positive difference to the world, but could also simplify your life, bring more joy and self nurturing into your daily tasks, and even create more time in your day!

“I act on the conviction that everyone is making a difference. Just by living our lives, consuming space and resources [and interacting with other people] we are making a difference. Our choice is what kind of difference we want to make.”

– Fran Peavey

Read More: Joyality 201 (Finding your Inner Nature)

© Copyright 2015 Eshana Bragg and Rachel Taylor

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