How Do I Use It?


This WordPress site contains our draft Joyality Toolkit, so you’ve been given access to it as one of the first people to experience, explore and enjoy the Joyality Program!

We look forward to your feedback. (Please use the comments boxes at the bottom of each page on this website, or contact your Joyality Circle facilitator with questions or feedback.)

Joyality! consists of an eight week program:

  • an intro week
  • 6 modules (Joyality 101 through 601)
  • completion week

For Participants. Each week, put aside 2 hours to do the Joyality processes contained in this website.  Each module guides you through the processes, with written instructions and audiofiles.  Many processes involve writing and drawing so we suggest you buy and/or create yourself a special Joyality Journal to keep all your explorations in one place. (Alternatively, you can use the Worksheets provided by your Joyality Circle facilitator.)

Download the audio files from the Joyality folder on Dropbox, which you have been given access to as well as this website.

A Joyality Circle will also be held each week, guided by an accredited facilitator, where you will meet a community of like-hearted souls travelling this journey with you.  These circles will be either in person or online, depending on how your Joyality group forms.  In this circle, you will share your personal experiences of the processes, and deepen your experience of one process each week by participating in it together. The circle will be another 2 hours each week.

Online access to our program is the price of a yoga class: around $30/week = $240 for the program, this includes the online or in person group sharing circles.

For Facilitators. As a Joyality facilitator, you will have completed the Joyality Program ahead of your group and have previous experience guiding sharing circles, and some understanding of ecopsychology, deep ecology, or a related discipline.

This Joyality website and Dropbox folder [will] contain all the material you need to help you facilitate the Joyality Circles:

  • written instructions for all Joyality processes (website)
  • audiofiles for all Joyality processes (Joyality Dropbox folder)
  • Worksheets (Facilitators Dropbox folder)
  • Facilitators’ Guide (Facilitators Dropbox folder)

The Joy-Team (Eshana, Rachel, Rita, Peter and other facilitators) will be available for you to ask questions and debrief from your group facilitation.  We look forward to your feedback too!


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