Completion: Celebrating Joyality!

Congratulations! You have completed the Joyality Program! This final session is about celebrating the journey we are on together, as well as the steps you’ve taken so far. It’s about reflection, appreciation and harvesting the gifts we’ve each received along the way.

The Joyality Program has been filled with lots of activities and new experiences. Here, in this 2 hour completion session, we get to stop and take a look around. We consider who we were at the beginning of Joyality, and who we are now.  We get to appreciate who is around us, and who we are traveling with. We also ponder where we’re heading, and what our next few steps might be.

In our previous session, Joyality 601, we spent quite a bit of time “outside our comfort zone”, stretching ourselves to our fullest potential as changemakers. So in this completion session, we’ll regroup back inside our comfort zones and nurture ourselves with appreciation for all this journey has brought us so far, and all it has inspired in us for the future.

“Sustainability is an unfolding journey of learning and experience as well as an outcome to strive for – it is as much about the process of living and the way we do things as it is about what results.”

            – Peter Cuming

Joyality – just like sustainability, and even life itself – is not a destination, but a pathway, a practise, a journey. It’s about savouring every step, and making the most of every precious moment, even if we’re feeling down, or thinking things aren’t going as they “should” or as we’d like them to! It’s about staying connected to the deeper truths of who we are and what we care for, and developing our ability to bring that out into the world every day.

Try this: Best Things in Life  15mins

Try this: Celebrate the Journey  15mins

Through the Joyality Program, you’ve been introduced to, and experienced, a whole range of tools for empowerment, connection and conscious action. Some may have been familiar to you, and many were likely completely new. So let’s consolidate, and harvest the gifts of this journey, focusing on what you’ve gathered along the way.

Although we’ve been on this journey together, each of us will have experienced and learned quite different things. This next process is about figuring out what the main gifts of Joyality are for you

** Try this: Harvesting the Gifts  30mins

We designed the Joyality Program to integrate the three themes or building blocks of joyality: ways to connect, stay awake and act. Each session wove these experiences and tools together in a way that, we hope, deepened your capacity for joyality each week. The idea behind this is that, at each level, these streams reinforce each other, creating a holistic capacity for joyous change-making and life experience.

So, let’s untangle these 3 Streams now.

 Try this: 3 Streams 30mins

So, now that you’ve gotten clearer on your main harvests from Joyality, let’s focus on how you might apply these things in your everyday life. Stepping Stones is a guided meditation that helps you to imagine your next steps in living Joyality and getting the support you need.

 Try this: Stepping Stones 15mins

In closing, we would like to thank you for joining us on this Joyality journey. We invite you to personally close your Joyality Program by re-asking yourself the question “Who am I?” and – without looking at the first time you did it in your Joyality Journal – do this final process.

** Try this: Who Am I Now?  15mins

Please take some time this week to complete the Joyality Harvest Scorecard and Feedback form (about 15 minutes each). They will consolidate your personal reflection process, and provide us with data to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make changes for future participants! This is very important for us at Joyality.

It has been an honor being on this journey with you. Thank you for showing up.

With Joy and Love,

Eshana, Rachel, Rita and the rest of the Joyality Team xx

© Copyright 2015-2018 Eshana Bragg and Rachel Taylor
Completing this the Scorecard and Feedback form is a prerequisite for all Young Activist Scholarship recipients and anyone who wants to receive a “Joyality Certificate of Completion”. The “scores” on your scorecard are not any form of assessment of YOU, or your performance, simply another method of reflection on changes that have happened through the program. We will email you a before-and-after scorecard as soon as we can, but please be patient as this is currently a manual process.

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