Passion Action Pitch

This week in your Joyality Circle, you will be “pitching” your passion action to the rest of your group. Yes you!  Everyone in the circle will have approximately 30 seconds to briefly explain their idea, their next steps, what they need and invite people’s involvement.

It’s practise for an “elevator pitch”, where you only have a short period of time with someone and you want to communicate with them the essence of what you’re up to, and enthuse and inspire them to join or support your project.

Through The Joyality Program, we hope that the seed idea you started with in Joyality 101 has grown and blossomed through the different activities, and that you now have a fledgling project to experiment with. This could be a solo or group action, tiny or ambitious, an old or new idea, complex or simple …

Right now, please write a paragraph and upload a photo of yourself – preferably one  relevant to your passion action – into a post on Our Joyality Circle. (This can only be seen by other Joyality participants, so they can celebrate and support your intentions!)

Some prompt questions to help you write this are:

  • What is your idea / action / project? Does it have a name?
  • What problem/issue/challenge does it address and how?
  • What are your next steps and what do you need?
  • Who do you want to get involved? (eg., a new target audience, collaborators, mentors, existing group doing similar project already)
  • What is your “call to action”? What are you inviting your Joyality friends to do?

(You don’t need to answer all these questions … they’re just ideas. If you try to answer each question in one sentence, that adds up to a paragraph and 30 seconds!)

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Source: Eshana Bragg, based on ideas of Rita Gyorffy.
Completing this activity is a prerequisite for all Young Activist Scholarship recipients and anyone who wants to receive a “Joyality Certificate of Completion”. We intend to follow up with you about your progress with your passion actions and would like to use them in our social media promotions of Joyality.  We will ask you for permission if we would like to share your ideas more widely than other Joyality participants.



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