3 Streams

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Ecopsychology tells us that, like three streams converging into a larger river, by cultivating our abilities to connect, stay awake and act, they can converge into an experience of joyality … creating psychological and planetary health.

If you go back through your Joyality Journal, try tracking your journey along each of these streams. You might like to grab some crayons, textas or highlighter pens and colour code each process according to the stream it’s on.

This table might help you colour code and track your journeys.

Joyality Table

Process: When you’ve tracked your 3 streams, read through and reflect upon each journey … one stream at a time. We suggest you spend about half an hour doing this (that will keep you inside the 2 hour session, but if you feel to, go right ahead and spend more time reading!). So, you could spend 10 minutes on each journey, at least to start with.

  1. Starting with your journey of connection, consider your experiences connecting with nature around you; the parts of nature you feel drawn to; what it is like to feel the nature within you, etc … right through to the challenge of connecting with nature in the middle of a busy soul-less city environment. You might want to use your colours to highlight particular things you wrote along the way … Add to the Harvesting the Gifts notes in your Joyality Journal as you feel drawn to.
  2. Now do the same thing reading through your journey of awakening, of staying awake to the “good” and the “bad” things happening in the world. Consider what it is like for you to seek out the positive sides to the disturbing stories you are confronted with; to delve more deeply into the investigation of topics you want to shy away from; to discover and transform some of your limiting beliefs about who you are and what is happening in the world, etc. … Again, use colours to highlight your original journal notes, and add to your notes in Harvesting the Gifts.
  3. And finally, consider your journey of action, or activation, of discovering and refining your “passion action”. Consider what you discovered about communication; about how social change happens; and how you feel about organising as a community and stepping up to create systemic change on a larger scale. Reflect on how your “passion action” evolved through the program, if it did at all. Again, use colours and add to your notes in Harvesting the Gifts.

Reflection (optional): Taking a new page in your Joyality Journal, consider each journey separately and write or draw where you started and where you are right now … and possibly where you would like to be in the future on this journey. What is your trajectory, your personal vision??

Source: Dr Eshana Bragg.


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