Things DO Change

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Purpose: Whether we realise it or not, we focus our attention on the present moment, and don’t notice that change is happening around and within us.  On top of that, we tend to compare the present situation with a desired future and think that change towards it is very slow moving!

Process 1: Take a moment to think about what social changes have occurred in your lifetime, particularly related to racial, gender and sexuality, and environmental values and behaviours  …

Write these down in your Joyality Journal.

Now think about the stories you have been told by your parents about their childhoods and young adult lives. What changes in racial, gender and environmental values and behaviours have occurred in their lifetimes? What is different for you compared to when your parents were your age?

Write these down in your Joyality Journal.

Now think even further back, to the stories your grandparents have told you about what the world was like when they were growing up. What changes in values have occurred between their lifetimes and yours?

Write these down in your Joyality Journal.

Reflection: Looking back only a few generations, through the lives of people that we know and love, we can see that change does happen and that values that seem immovable transform. Many people who were alive at the beginning of the 20th century thought that women would never have the vote, or have the educational or career opportunities that we experience today. When African Americans, Australian Aborigines and Black South Africans were still legally segregated from ‘whites’  in schools, transport, and areas of towns in the 1950’s most people thought that would not change. Even in the early 2000’s it was hard to believe that so many people, businesses and governments would be taking such an interest in environmental issues and solutions as they are today.  When issues are institutionalized like this, it can be hard to see how things could ever change. Yet because some people maintained a clear and passionate vision of a better world and fought for that vision, things changed.

Process 2: Now think about yourself and your own life.

How have you changed over the past year? The past five years? The past ten years?

Write this down in your Joyality Journal.

Reflection: You see yourself everyday so you probably don’t notice yourself changing most of the time. But when you look back at the person you were even one year ago, you probably feel very different than you did then. You are constantly changing, evolving, growing up, expanding your views and your horizons, and deepening your capacity to live well in this world and work to heal it.


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