Natural Symbol Play

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We all have objects or images that we are continually attracted to. Perhaps you love flowers or dragonflies, maybe you are always collecting rocks or shells, maybe you surround yourself with images of mountains or birds or collect little frog or buddha statues. Usually, whether we realize it or not, the symbols and images we are consistently drawn to are from nature.

Think about what symbols or objects you love in nature. Look around your room or even at your clothes and notice what patterns you see. Pick one of these symbols, the one that is most common or that you feel the most drawn to at that moment.

Pick up or focus on one version of that symbol or object that you have. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable sitting on the floor or in a chair. If you have a physical version of that symbol, hold it in your hands. If you only have a photo or image of the object that is fine, just hold the picture or sit in front of the image.

Close your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths and center yourself. Clear your mind of the debris of the day, put any tasks and worries to the side for a minute, just be where you are. When you feel calm and grounded, open your eyes and focus on the object or image.

What do you love about this symbol or object? What draws you to it?

Are there any deeper significances, ancient meanings, mythological stories or metaphors surrounding this symbol or object?

Think about this symbol in nature- what role does it play? How does it behave or function?

How is this symbol like you?

What can you learn from this symbol? If it helps, imagine yourself becoming this symbol and see what thoughts, feelings, or realizations this brings to you.

Source: Caresse Cranwell of Ecollaborations.


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