Inspiration Station

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Even the most motivated change agents feel down sometimes, it is a natural part of the cycle of being a human being, and especially of being engaged with what’s going on in the world. It’s important to identify the things that make you feel good when you’re down and to always have a treasure chest of inspiration ready to delve into when you feel overwhelmed or depressed.

Create a collection of sources of inspiration for yourself. You can include quotes, stories, photographs of nature or of people who you love or are inspired by, cartoons, songs, or reminders to do things that lift your spirits and make you smile. You can do this in whatever way works best for you – maybe a series of pages in your Joyality Journal, maybe a folder on your desktop, maybe a Pinterest board, maybe an actual box in which you put things, or a cork board on your wall – whatever you think you will use most effectively.

Start this right now!  (or if you already have an inspiration collection, spend a while adding to it)

Keep it in a visible or accessible place (aka not in the back of your closet) and sit down with it whenever you need some instant inspiration.

Source: This process was developed by us. The name “Inspiration Station” was Maki Sorensen’s idea.

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