Letter from Gaia

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The living organisms of this planet interact with each other and with the physical aspects of Earth to form a complex, synergistic and self-regulating system. This is known as the Gaia Theory, after the Greek word for the ancestral mother of all life, the primal Mother Earth goddess. It refers to the view that the Earth as a whole is a living system, a living organism, of which we are a part and from which we are born.

Imagine the Earth could speak to you – what do you think it would say? As you have begun to deepen your relationship with nature through Joyality, the idea that the Earth can speak to you may not seem so crazy. Indeed, the Earth speaks to us everyday in many ways, and we can view climate change and the environmental crises happening right now as messages from the Earth, cries for help, warnings that something is wrong. Additionally, when we see a rainbow, a dragonfly lands on our coffee cup, or long awaited rains come causing everything to bloom, these can be seen as messages of love and nurturing from the Earth.

Take a minute to imagine that the Earth is speaking to you in your language. In your Joyality journal, write a letter to yourself from Gaia.

Begin this way: “Dear [insert your name], this is your mother Gaia…”

Relax and see what comes, don’t think, just write. Remember, no one will see this so it doesn’t have to be “good”. Just write what comes, listen, allow yourself to be a transmitter, allow the Earth to speak through you.

Source: John Seed. The Gaia Theory, or Gaia Hypothesis as it was first known, was developed by chemist Dr James Lovelock and microbiologist Dr Lynn Margulis in the 1970’s.


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